An “Aussie” perspective on EUREP

11 Dec 2014 - Deborah Klein

An “Aussie” perspective on EUREP

I recently attended the 12th EUREP as a representative of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ). The governing training body (the Board of Urology) for urology residents in Australia and New Zealand was interested in gaining a detailed understanding of EUREP given its status in the European education and training arena.

In particular, the Board of Urology was keen to improve the learning experiences for USANZ trainees by benchmarking the USANZ Trainee Week Program (an intensive five-day educational programme for urology residents) with EUREP. Another aim was to establish an open exchange of ideas and practices for the benefit of both USANZ and the EAU.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Joan Palou (Chair, ESU), Jacobijn Sedelaar-Maaskant (Manager, ESU), Jacqui McGrath (Congress Consultants) and the EUREP faculty for the wonderful hospitality afforded to me during my stay in Prague. It was an invaluable experience to observe all facets of the programme, including the logistics, methods of content delivery and methods for facilitating participant interaction.

In my opinion, the programme is well structured and truly provides a comprehensive update and overview of current urological practice with particular reference to the relevant EAU Guidelines. From speaking to a number of delegates, it is clear that EUREP provides an extremely worthwhile educational and social experience for those who are fortunate to attend. Their diligent attendance and participation at each session (even after the late night karaoke party) is to be commended.

I was also particularly impressed with the dedication (and stamina!) of the expert faculty. Their ability to repeat presentations in their allocated module five times over the week in a dynamic and engaging manner was admirable. There was clearly a focus on ensuring an optimal educational experience for all participants and at times, modifications were made to PowerPoint presentations or style of delivery based on preliminary feedback from the daily evaluations. New faculty members were also provided with guidance and support from existing faculty members on delivery techniques, sophistication of content, methods of gaining delegate interaction and presentation of clear and concise slides.

I commend the EAU and, in particular, the European School of Urology for their efforts in establishing EUREP. It is an extremely valuable educational initiative for urology residents and will continue to be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Deborah Klein is Education and Training Manager Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ).