Bringing resident training to another level

11 Dec 2014 - Dr. Anthony Kallas-Chémaly

Bringing resident training to another level

I first heard about EUREP from a colleague who participated in the programme and I was encouraged to apply for this year. I continually invest in my learning and education by reading articles in scientific journals such as the European Urology, or by assessing my knowledge in the MCQs and getting EU-ACME credits.

I consider the EUREP as another criteria which would offer me some benefits, and I was therefore delighted when I received an e-mail confirming my admission to the EUREP.

The EUREP courses we attended were led by well-known doctors and they were all very well organized and structured in such a way that held our interest and enthusiastic participation. It was a pleasure to discuss clinical issues with the faculty due to their insights and helpful tips.

Another beneficial feature of the course discussions was the opportunity to debate or discuss in detail about the cases during the coffee breaks, since the participants are in a more informal and relaxed setting, making the learning process less intimidating.

Regarding the hands-on training (HoT) sessions, I learned new tips and tricks in laparoscopy and ureterorenoscopy. These sessions helped me a lot to prepare for the E-BLUS exam which was also held during the EUREP. Moreover, the Olympus endoscopic competition inspired me to improve my skills, enabling me to win the first prize.

EUREP is certainly a great opportunity to meet urology residents from all over the world. It was interesting to discover the differences and challenges we encounter in both medical and surgical managements. For my improvement and training, I welcome and can see the benefits of new ideas. In the social programme, the karaoke night was certainly unique and special, a fitting occasion to even get to know each other better.

For those who are interested, I can also give the same recommendation and encouragement to urology residents to participate in the EUREP, which to me is one of the best opportunities for young residents to improve their skills and bring their training to another level.

Dr. Anthony Kallas-Chémaly, Department of Urology, Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital, Beirut (LB).