Enthusiasm and opportunities at the 12th EUREP

11 Dec 2014

Enthusiasm and opportunities at the 12th EUREP

With more than a decade in the frontline of educating and training young urologists, the 12th European Urology Residents Education
Programme (EUREP) this year received commendations from participants and faculty members for its comprehensive programme and achievement to link veteran urologists with their
junior colleagues.

Held from 5 to 10 September this year in Prague, Czech Republic, this year’s edition gathered 360 participants from 44 countries. Twenty faculty members from across Europe led the five teaching modules, together with experienced mentors for the 10 hands-on training (HoT) sessions that is part of EUREP’s core programme. The modules cover the breadth of urology including uro-oncology, prostate cancer and BPH, andrology, stones and upper tract endourology, functional urology, and paediatric urology, trauma and infection.

“The EUREP is known among young residents for its inclusive approach, not only in the education programme that emphasises practical insights with sound theory, but also in its aim to foster professional links among young urologists,” according to the organisers.

With Profs. Hein Van Poppel (BE) and Joan Palou (ES) as course directors, the annual programme is on its second decade of providing both practical and theoretical orientation to the scope of urology and the challenges young doctors may encounter in actual practice.

“The success of the EUREP programme really depends on the interaction between the faculty and the residents,” said Mr. Jay Khastgir (UK) who joined the EUREP faculty for the first time this year. Khastgir noted the friendly atmosphere the programme is known for and said that this obviously prompted young urologists to freely discuss with and inquire from the faculty and experienced tutors.

In the HoT sessions, where 15 laparoscopy stations, 4 TUR and 3 URS were available, the one-on-one mentored guidance was much appreciated by all participants. “At the hands-on training sessions, it was remarkable not only to have the time to improve your skills but also to learn tips from experienced mentors,” said Dr. Katherine Henriquez from Panama (See her full article on these pages).

“HoT is a winning and solid format, thanks to the hard work by Ben (Van Cleynenbreugel) and the support of Olympus. Everything went smoothly this year just like in previous years. Our aim is now to bring the EUREP hands-on training to the next level and this goal will certainly require a lot of work from all those involved,” said Dr. Domenico Veneziano (US), who succeeds Ben as coordinator of the HOT programme.

E-BLUS exams were also offered this year, allowing EUREP participants to further hone their laparoscopy skills and take it to the next level. And following EUREP’s social tradition, this year’s batch has to formulate a name for their group, which often reflects the casual if not bawdy humour of the residents.

Submitted by Dr. M. Sochaj, “PERUE” won the selection, the acronym for ‘Powerful Experience of Rapid Urological Education” and actually ‘EUREP’ spelled backwards.